Mary Shaw

Mary Shaw 

is seventh in my Reiki lineage. She was the Practitioner/Teacher who introduced Seichim and finally, Isis Seichim into our lineage. She was personally drawn to Reiki because she saw a small ad in a magazine advertising Energy boosting–she thought that’s what she needed. At the time she was an Executive in the Computer industry and was waking up in the night with her arms completely numb and her legs had started to feel as if she was dragging them around—she was surrounded by love both at work and home but she had started to pull back from people. She definitely was not allowing herself to do things for her!!

The doctors said there was nothing wrong with her –my circulation was fine — ah but it was the Circulation of Joy that needed to be fixed!! “Reiki did this for me –it opened me up to unconditional love!! Obviously after the treatment I signed up to do Reiki I. So her first level was with Beth Grey and the following weekend (which was unheard of those days) Beth allowed Mary to do Reiki II. This was in 1984–the usual timing was 6 months between 1 and 2 to allow you to experience the changes in energy and understand the workings of Reiki. Mike, Mary’s husband, a true Yorkshire man was very skeptical but after feeling the intense energy from Mary’s hands he also did his Reiki with Beth.

Despite both Mike and Mary considering Beth to be their true Master “she taught us the true Reiki —not to judge, and be kind to all living things etc”. She never criticised other Masters –she just allowed them to be. This came in useful when we were lambasted by other masters when we reduced the price and timing of the seminars.

After the Reiki I seminar Mary gave up her high level career and opened a clinic. She was inundated with people sent to her by other clairvoyants –they were given my name and number in their readings–very clever as she had an unlisted number at the time!! She worked solely with Reiki –just to prove it worked–it did –there are case histories in the their book (“For the LOVE of Reiki and Isis Seichim”)

Before Mary decided to become a Master she made sure she understood totally what real healing is about!! “I wouldn’t dream of teaching something didn’t understand totally.”

Eventually in 1991 both Mike and Mary decided to train as Reiki Masters. (Because Beth was ill at that time even though she did offer for them to do it with her) They decided to do it with Mackenzie Clay.

That was a turning point in their lives. They jumped out of Sydney (Mike left a very high level career in the NSW Ambulance Service) and opened a Resort Retreat up the mid north coast of NSW. Through the move from Sydney, they needed to find another Reiki Master to attune them to Master Level. “I jokingly said that if I was meant to do it– as Beth had told me –then someone would give it me”. BUT that’s exactly what happened. Mackenzie on hearing I wasn’t going to do it only Mike gifted me the Master training. More evidence of Reiki at work again.

In 1991 Mary came to be attuned to what was known as Traditional Seichim with Margot Deepa Slater — she found it to be very powerful and a balance to the Reiki. 



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